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A Superior Alternative to Herb Approach and Buy My Weed Online:

Product Range

Both Herb Approach and Buy My Weed Online offer a wide selection of strains. Herb Approach in particular offer more than 200 strains currently on their website. However, it is disappointing to see that many of their products are consistently out of stock and unavailable for purchase. Herb Approach struggles to provide consistent product availability to customers. Green Counter Club has developed strong supplier relationships to guarantee product availability to all customers. Green Counter Club recognizes the importance of effective supply chain management and places customers as number one. Herb approach does not have a carefully graded scale on their products like GCC does.

Product Price Point

Both companies offer competitive pricing, with Buy My Weed Online offering concentrates at one gram for $37 to seven grams for $218.50. However Green Counter Club offers highly competitive pricing without sacrificing product quality by following a regimented grading system on all products from AA to AAAA. Green Counter Club offers concentrates available from one gram for $16 to seven grams for $88.


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What makes us the best online dispensary in Canada

Both Buy My Weed Online and Herb Approach offer a wide range of products, however it is clear in what ways Green Counter Club is superior such as the consistent availability of stocked products, competitive pricing, and excellent customer service. It’s no surprise that 80% of first-time GCC customers return for future purchases. Free express shipping and no third-party advertisements or spam emailing offer a high-end customer experience. GCC sources only the finest hand-picked products while keeping customers’ health and recreational usage experience at top of mind.

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