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18 Basic Cannabis Terms That You Need to Know

Basic Cannabis Terms

Cannabis Education: Learn the Basic Terms 

Are you new to the world of cannabis? Your knowledge of weed-related 10 terms makes it easy to understand the new world.

1. Cannabinoid

Cannabinoids are cannabis-specific compounds that act on cannabinoid receptors in the human body to produce a variety of effects, including analgesia and other medically beneficial uses. The most well-known marijuana cannabinoid is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), but THC is not the only one, as there are over 85 known cannabinoids that all have different effects.

2. Cannabis

Cannabis is a genus of plants that produces its three flowering plants: Cannabis sativa, Cannabis indica, and Cannabis ruderalis. Cannabis sativa and cannabis indicia are used in the production of both recreational and medicinal marijuana. Cannabis ruderalis is rarely cultivated due to its naturally low THC content and short stature, but due to the unique ability of ruderalis, it blooms automatically rather than photomaturely, so it is crossed. , This variety may become widespread. Originally from Asia, cannabis is cultivated almost everywhere and has long been cultivated for both hemp production and its medicinal use. 

3. Weed

Weed is marijuana slang.

4. Hemp

Hemp is a fibrous product that can be produced from male hemp plants and can be used to make ropes, paper, beauty products and many other products. Since hemp is a male, it has no medicinal value. 

5. Bud

The bud refers to the actual flower of the cannabis plant. These are fluffy pieces that are harvested and used for recreational or medical purposes because they contain the highest concentrations of active cannabinoids.

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6. Flowers

You probably know what a flower is. They are often the “beautiful” parts of plants, and the same is true for cannabis. Cannabis flowers do not have traditional petals and do not resemble daisies, but they are still female reproductive organs. Cannabis flowers are small pieces that are harvested for medicinal use and covered with dry, hairy, sticky crystals. 

7. Indica

Indica is not a very scientific name for his Cannabis indica strain of cannabis. In general, these plants are native to the Middle East and Asia and include both the famous Kush and Afghan strains. Compared to Sativa, the plants are shorter, have bushes and have a more compact floral structure.

8. Sativa

Sativa is not a very scientific name for the cannabis plant Cannabis sativa strain. In general, these plants are from outside the Middle East and Asia and include species native to regions such as South America, the Caribbean, Africa, and Thailand. These varieties tend to be taller because the plants (usually 5 feet or more) are lighter in color and take longer to flower.

9. Hybrid

A hybrid is a plant that is genetically crossed with one or more distinct cannabis strains. Hybrids can occur unintentionally but are usually crossed specially to combine the desired properties of the original plant. Most marijuana on the market today is some kind of hybrid.

10. CBD

CBD stands for cannabidiol, and he is one of at least 85 cannabinoids in cannabis, and on average he is second only to THC. As a medical treatment, CBD has recently been shown to effectively treat pain, inflammation, and anxiety without the psychoactive effects associated with THC (a “high” or “stoned” sensation). The use of is supported.

11. Pot

Pot is marijuana slang.

12. Concentrate

Concentrates are powerful solidifications of cannabinoids made by dissolving marijuana in a solvent in the form of a plant. The resulting product contains very high levels of THC (generally more than flowers and hashish), from sticky oils (BHO) to malleable goo (budder/wax), resinous bits (crushed). We can produce various products. The classification of concentrates, referred to in various slang terms, often depends on the manufacturing method and the consistency of the final product.

13. Edible

Edible is a medicated edible product infused with cannabis extract. Often baked goods like cookies and brownies, but there are also a variety of options such as flavored coffee drinks, bread, and candies. Pharmacies often sell marijuana-injected butter and oil for their own consumption.

14. Shatter/Ice

Shutter or ice is a term that refers to BHO.

15. Tropical

Topical is a type of cannabis product in which the active properties of flowers have been extracted and added to products such as lotions and creams that are applied to the skin. Its medicinal properties are absorbed through the skin and can be used to treat conditions such as muscle aches, long-term pain, or dry skin.

16. Bong

A large glass pipe, usually a large glass pipe, disperses and cools the water as it is inhaled into the lungs.

17. Pre-roll

Preroll is a common term for pre-wrapped marijuana cigarettes, commonly known as joints. Many pharmacies have pre-rolls available for purchase.

18. Tincture

Tinctures are usually liquid cannabis extracts made from alcohol or glycerol and are often given with a dropper. Tinctures can be flavored, usually placed under the tongue, and quickly absorbed. You can feel the effect in a few minutes. The tincture can be mixed with the drink, but in these cases, the tincture is absorbed through the digestive system and is long-lasting.

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