How we grade cannabis

We are not fans of fake product grade scales. We have 3 grades available: AA, AAA and AAAA. There are also qualifiers, such as , +, Popcorn, Sticky and Greenhouse.

AA will be the lower end of the range, usually consisting of smaller buds, or basic cannabis with less dense trichomes. Prices range from $80 – $120 per ounce.

AAA is a very high quality, but for our purposes a mid-range herb. These cannabis are very nice to look at with a pungent odor. Well developed trichomes, medium to large sized buds. Most “pharmaceutical-grade” cannabis would be rated AAA, as only very professional growers can produce this quality. Most of the “quads” or AAAA herbs sold in dispensaries would also rank here. Prices range from $110-190 per ounce.

AAAA is reserved for the absolute best herbs possible. Only the dankest odor, biggest/densest buds, and extremely well developed trichomes exist here. These cannabis are less common, as not many growers are willing to invest the necessary time and care to produce real AAAA quality. Also, novice users, or low tolerance users would probably enjoy a lower grade product. Prices range from $180-200+ per ounce. Many sellers will claim “AAAA” rating on sub-par product. We will never do this.

AAAAA – This does not exist. Its a fake rating that is off the scale.

minus. This would define a lower end AAA or AAAA

+ plus. This would define a higher end AA, AAA, or AAAA

Popcorn – These buds will be smaller in size, not many big buds. The price will be lower for popcorn, but the quality is still the same, other than the size.

Sticky – We may indicate if a strain is exceptionally sticky. These will clog up your grinder.

Greenhouse – This signifies that the cannabis has been grown in a greenhouse with sunlight only and no hydroponics or artificial lighting. To achieve the amazing qualities of cannabis that have been on the market in the past 30 years, it is necessary to use hydroponics and artificial lights. Greenhouse grown cannabis will be less cosmetically pristine and have a lower THC percentage.


Final note – When in doubt, refer to the price. We mark up all our prices from the actual price we pay the grower. So when comparing a $160 ounce and a $220 ounce, the higher priced product is going to have a higher potency, stronger smell and will be better looking – regardless of the strain.