Mushroom CapsulesClarity [200mg]


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Uni Shroomz Clarity Blend promotes healthy brain function , and is intended to lower stress and anxiety levels. With each capsule containing the perfect balance of Ginko Biloba , B-12 , and psilocybin you will notice higher cognitive function , clearer thinking ( no brain fog ) , and an over all balanced feeling. Probiotics are added to each capsule to help with proper digestion.

Micro-dosing – Take one capsule daily for 15 days. Make sure to give yourself a 2-3 week break in between your next micro-dose cycle.

For a stronger dose – Take 2-3 capsules simultaneously, wait 45 minutes to digest and enjoy the experience.

200Mg each capsule
15 capsules per bag

About Uni Shroomz

Uni Shroomz takes micro-dosing to the next level. Each blend is carefully formulated allowing you to benefit from all of the therapeutic and medicinal properties that micro-dosing has to offer while adding a combination of herbal supplements to enhance your experience , targeting specific purposes and leaving you with a healthy and happy feeling. When micro-dosing with Uni Shroomz it’s best to set a personal intention and let the magic take over!


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