Delush 510 Vape Pen Refills – 900mg 2:1 1g Cartridges


900mg 2:1 | 1g Per Cartridge
Delush’s cartridges are now 2:1 CBD : Delta-8 THC!!

Why 2:1 with Delta-8 THC?

Delush has thoughtfully formulated this 2:1 vape to maximize the therapeutic effects of the whole cannabis plant without over stimulating the mind and causing intoxicating effects.

Delta-8 THC is 10 times less potent than Delta-9 THC – commonly found in THC products and associated with a mind stimulating “high”. It doesn’t stimulate the mind but rather helps put your body into hemostasis, the body’s natural resting state. Due to its less potent psychoactive effects, Delta-8 is known to treat a wider range of cancer patients.

Delta-8 THC combined with Full Spectrum CBD is a powerful and much more effective immune system activator, helping to relieve extreme nausea, anxiety, insomnia & pain without sparking paranoia or anxiety commonly associated with THC.

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