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Topical Cannabis with Pros and Cons

Topical Cannabis

What is Topical Cannabis?

As people become more aware of the healing properties of cannabis, more and more cannabis-based products are being developed. One such product is a new category of products called “topicals.” Topicals are cannabis-infused products such as a lotion, balm, spray, transdermal patch, or ointment and should be applied directly to the skin. Unlike cannabis products, which have a psychotropic effect, THC topical provides a topical effect on specific body parts that are applied without highs. The skin absorbs CBD so that CBD topicals products can have a more systemic effect.

There are many benefits to using topicals rather than other cannabis-based products like edibles or smoking. The benefits could include pain relief, reduced inflammation, or enhanced skin health. The drawbacks might include skin irritation or a lingering psychoactive effect. 

Why Is Popularity of Topical Cannabis Increasing?

There is a growing market for topical cannabis in Canada. It should come as no surprise since it has been shown repeatedly that cannabis has an almost magical ability to relieve pain and discomfort of all kinds. It is not surprising that many people are starting to use cannabis-based products to treat their aches, pains, and discomforts. But, many of these people want to be non-psychoactive and won’t get high. That’s where topicals come in.

There are several different ways you can go about creating a topical product. Let’s say you have a friend or family member who has arthritis. You could get your friend some CBD oil (a safe and legal option) and then rub some of that CBD oil on their joints until the pain goes away. Then, your friend would not only feel better, but they would also have gained some serious benefit because the pain-relieving qualities of CBD were being absorbed through the skin and into the body.

What’s the difference between an ingredient and a topical? 

An ingredient is anything, not a pure (or “dry”) topical. For example, cannabis is an ingredient, but it is also a dry topical. And, while coconut oil is an excellent topical, it is also an ingredient. Many people consider some ingredients are not considered “all-natural” by many people despite being organic or locally grown. It is best to consume only pure (or “dry”) cannabis-infused products made with CBD or THC. In general, ingredients in topicals make the product feel “synthetic.” Synthetic ingredients are generally petroleum-based. 

How to consume Topical Cannabis?

As mentioned above, the topic is intended to be applied directly to the body. However, some topical areas, such as bath salts, are intended to soak muscle pain.

Benefits of Topical Cannabis

  • With so many cannabis topics on the market, there are plenty of options to find a product that meets your specific needs.
  • Many CBD infusion products do not contain THC. These topics are available from both pharmacies and online weed dispensaries in many places.

Shortcomings of Topical Cannabis

  • If you are looking for an intoxicating experience, the topicals can’t get it.
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