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What are Cannabis Edibles and How to Consume It?

Cannabis Edibles

Cannabis Edibles are cannabis-infused food or drinks made with either cannabis flower or cannabis concentrate. If you’re interested in getting a little more information about the cannabis edibles world, then you can read this brief article about cannabis edibles.

Edibles can be taken with any other cannabis product and often come in several forms, like candies, cookies, oils, butter, and chocolates. Some foods are better suited for eating than others. Some people prefer to have cannabis-infused drinks rather than snacks.

Cannabis edibles are usually meant to be consumed within 15-30 minutes. They may also be referred to as cannabis-infused products or foods, although some argue the latter is a misnomer.

The number one thing that people need to know about cannabis edibles is that they come in all kinds of flavors. And that can be both a good and a bad thing.

How to consume cannabis edibles?

Unlike smoking, where it’s almost always a matter of “one hit at a time,” eating edibles involves taking a small piece (a mouthful) at a time. Some edibles have a distinct bite size, while others can be eaten whole (just like a candy bar). But more importantly, your body doesn’t metabolize edibles as quickly as it does smoked cannabis so that they can be taken over a longer period than a single, larger dose. So even if you consume cannabis for only a few minutes, you can still feel the effects for hours afterward. See this article for a detailed look at the differences between ingesting cannabis by the two methods.

How can edibles be made? 

Cannabis flowers are typically harvested and processed into concentrates for sale. Then the extracts from those concentrates are put through various extraction processes to create different types of oils, butter, and other compounds for use as foods and drinks. It’s the same process used to make the various compounds found in vape pens, tinctures, and soaps. Where are edibles sold? You can find cannabis edibles in almost every store that sells cannabis. That includes dispensaries, private-party cannabis shops, head shops, and even convenience stores. Just remember to know your local state laws before you shop. 

Why do some people choose to eat cannabis edible?

It isn’t easy to accurately measure the THC content in food or drink. As a result, it’s hard to say exactly how many milligrams of THC you will consume if you eat an edible or drink a cannabis beverage. You have to judge it based on experience and personal comfort level. It is why some people choose to eat their cannabis (edible) instead of smoking it. It’s also why some people prefer to drink it instead of smoking it. There isn’t much of a difference between the two. 

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